Monday, August 27, 2012

An Early Taste of Autumn

imageFall Colors, Autumn, Oswegatchie River, Adirondack Mountains, Five Ponds Wilderness Area, New York State


  1. summer is slowly coming to an end..nice show of the beginning of the fall colours..I am sure once they are in full the views will be breathtaking..autumn is my favorite time of year..

  2. Lovely shot. There is a definite change in the air.

  3. Fall here in Benson, AZ, means that the monsoon season will soon come to an end, and we'll be able to sit outside in the evening! And maybe even move around outdoors in the daytime! What a blessing.

  4. That top picture, is that taken along the I-8 west of El Centro, CA?

    1. Hi Peter. Thanks so much for the comment/question. This photo was taken just down the road from Guadalupe Mountains National Park in Texas.

  5. We're beginning to see some early signs of autumn down here as well, but I haven't gotten a picture nearly as good as this.